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Marc "Don't call me Mario" Moree / Tattoo Artist & Piercer


Hello, my name is Marc and I was born and raised in Riviera Beach, Florida. I have been tattooing three years now and I would love to make your next tattoo. My hourly rate is $150 per hour for large tattoos (min.4 hours). Smaller tattoos are priced on a tattoo by tattoo basis, usually by location and the amount of detail involved in the design. First come first serve. I am available for appointments with a $20 deposit, deducted from the price of the tattoo of course. I love to do traditional tattoos in the style of August Coleman. I am also happy to tattoo your favorites from Pinterest. I am licensed to tattoo and pierce in the state of Florida. Most piercings are $50 with the exception of male genital piercings and the insertion of single point piercings (dermals).